Steamed Tapioca Cake / Kolli Puttu

Steamed Tapioca Cake is the favorite and start dish of South India, known as Kolli puttu which is a “healthy breakfast recipes“. Tapioca, the plant carried by Portuguese and Spanish explorers to most of the countries like continents of Africa, Asia etc, now its cultivated world wide.

In Kerala, Tapioca known in many names like Kolli, Kappa, Poola etc. But what ever the name the dishes from Tapioca is really tasty and healthy always.

Let see a unique and delicious breakfast special from Tapioca:


1. Fresh Grated Tapioca – 1/2 Kg
2. Grated Coconut – 1 Cup
3. Salt to taste

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Steamed Cake normally we prepare using “Puttu making vessel”/ “Puttu kutti(top vessel)/ Puttu Kudam(bottom vessel)”.

How to Prepare

1. Fill 1/4 portion of water to bottom vessel and put this on stove. Let this water boil.
2. Mix salt with grated Tapioca. If you feel extra water in grated tapioca, just press with hands and drain from the water.
3. In the top vessel of Puttu maker, add rounded with holes disc at bottom. Then add grated coconut as thin layer. Then add grated Tapioca as thick layer(2.5 inch thick). Continue one more layer too. Then close with lid. and fix above the bottom pot.
4. Let this cook for 10 mins, it will cook in steam coming from the bottom pot.
5. Take it out from pot and push with a stick at bottom. Then the cakes will come out.


It can be serve with chicken fry/ curry, fish fry/ curry, vegetable dishes.

Normally we can make two layer mix or two pieces of Puttu in one cook.

Lets enjoy with Tapioca dishes

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