Apple Jam

Tasty and Healthy Apple Jam which is a quick and easy recipes !!!


1. Chopped apple (Remove Skin) – 250 Grms

2. Sugar – 250Grms (Add like your taste)

3. Clove Powder – 1/2 small spoon

4. Lemon juice – 1 Lemon

apple jam

How to Prepare

1. Boil the chopped apple. Then grind these pieces without water in to mixie in to fine pulp.

2. Mix this pulp in to sugar in a heavy bottom non-stick or steel katai. Stir and cook this mix till thick.

3. In order to check consistency of jam, you can put small amount of mix in to a plate, then let it be cool. The fine stage of pulp is sticky while you press with your thump and point finger.

4. Add Clove powder and mix well with pulp.

5. Remove from the fire and add lemon juice, again mix it well. 6. Let the jam completely cool and you can serve it in a bowl or can add in bottle, can keep in refrigerator.

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