Cooked Apple Butterscotch


Cooked apple butterscotch is the quick and easy desserts which can be easily prepared within 10 minutes. Also it requires very less ingredients and because of it sweetness children will love to have it


1. Apple – 2 Nos
2. Brown sugar -2 spoon
3. Cinnamon – small piece
4. Sugar – 1 Cup
5. Ghee – 1 spoon
6. Cream -2 spoon
7. Vanilla essence -1spoon

How to prepare

1. Peel off apple and remove seed from it.

2. Place it in a bottomed vessel along with water. Add cinnamon and brown sugar in it and cook the apples.

3. Now take a pan add sugar with a little water and caramelize it.

4. Add ghee and cream to the caramelized sugar and mix it well to form a sauce.

5. Once the sauce becomes thick take off the flame and vanilla essence in to. Our butterscotch is ready.

6. Now place the cooked apple in a serving plate and decorate it using the butterscotch.

7. Delicious Cooked apple butterscotch is ready to serve and it can be served along with ice cream.

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