Cooker Cake

Have a fun by make the tasty and easy cooker cake and try our new year dishes.


1. Maida 200 grms
2. Sugar Powder 200 grms
3. Egg – 1
4. Butter -100 grms
5. Instant Yeast – 1 Small Spoon
6. Vanila Essence – 1/2 spoon
7. Cashew Nuts – Crushed 50 grms
8. Kissmiss – 50 grms

How to prepare

1. Mix Maida and Butter well then add sugar powder slowly also mix it well.

2. Now mix the egg in a juicer – these egg mix also mix with the early mix.

3. Now its look like a thick creamy paste.

4. Essence and instant yeast mix together and slightly mix with the early mix.

6. Now the mix for Cake is ready. Next we need to prepare cooker for it. Take a steel or aluminium bowl or plate and inside cover with aluminium foil, above of that spread some oil or butter, then fill the cake mix in 1/4 height of bowl or plate. Top part we need to make free because cake will budge to top.

7. Set the cooker in high flame for 10 mins, now cooker will be in high heat. Now set the filled bowl in to the empty hot cooker. Then make flame to sim and close the top. But remember do not put weight on cooker.

8. Set it for 20 to 25 mins. Then stop the flame. Slowly open the top and take the cake from Cooker and let it cool then you can remove the aluminium covering and ready to serve.

Now Cooker Cake is easy to cook, no need to any oven or any cake maker.

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