Mango Crepes

Mango crepes is one of the healthy dessert recipes that can be prepared easily. As we know mangoes are generally sweet and delicious fruit, which in rich in nutrients. This is a kids favorite dessert prepared within 15 minutes


1. All purpose flour – ½ cup
2. Corn flour – 1 spoon
3. Mango pulp – 1 cup
4. Sliced mango – 1 cup
5. Sugar – ½ cup
6. Salt – ¼ spoon
7. Oil – 3 spoon
8. Water

How to prepare

1. Take half a cup of all purpose flour and 1 spoon of corn flour in a bowl. Add salt and water to it. Mix it well so that there should not be any lumps and the batter should be thin like dosa batter.
2. Add a cup of mango pulp into the batter and mix it well. Also add 1 spoon of oil into it
3. Now heat the pan and grease it with oil. And in a medium flame pour the batter into the pan, rotate it, if excess batter is there pour it back to the bowl so that the crepe is so thin.
4. Cook it for 30 seconds and transfer it to a plate. Do the same with remaining batter also.
5. Now for stuffing in another bowl add 1 cup of sliced mango pieces and 3 spoon sugar and mix it.
6. Place the mixture on crepe and fold it.
7. Heat another pan and caramelize sugar in it, and then add 1 spoon of mango pulp along with a little water cook it till you get in a thick consistency.
8. And then pour the caramelized mango syrup on the stuffed crepe and serve it.

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