Milk and Beauty

Milk is the most important beauty enhancement natural gift. Milk can be cleanser and it also working as bleaching agent.

Here are some health tips you can follow in daily life:-

  1. Mix one spoon milk and one spoon almond oil, then apply on face for 30 min. Then wash it with lick luke warm water. Follow this once in a week for dry skin, it will gives you special glow on your face.
  2. Mix one spoon turmeric powder, one spoon gram flour and one spoon milk. Mix it will and wait for 2 mins, then apply on face and neck for 25 mins then wash it off. This will help you to improve color of skin.
  3. milk and beauty

  4. Mix, one spoon milk and one spoon lemon juice well, then apply on foot for 30 mins. This will helps to reduce black spots on foot. Same mix can use for under eye too, it will reduce dark circle around eye.
  5. Mix, one spoon milk, one spoon cucumber juice, one spoon lemon juice and one spoon sugar. Then apply this over the neck, and rub gently when it becomes dry. This will help you to remove dark color over neck, back neck especially.
  6. Put 4 Gooseberry in to one cup milk for one full day. Next day Gooseberry and milk mix like paste and apply this mix on head and heir for 1 hour. Then wash it well, it will gives your special shiny and healthy heir.

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