Chocolate Biscuit Cake – Healthy food recipes for kids

We all are familiar with the chocolate biscuit cake in various shape and forms since childhood. It is a chocolaty, rich dessert, made with chocolate, biscuits and nuts. No Bake is required for this easy dessert recipe and everyone will easily fall in love with this delicious chocolaty recipe especially from kids food recipes.


1. Chocolate – ½ Cup
2. Biscuit – ½ Cup
3. Milk – 1 Cup
4. Butter – 3 Spoon
5. Sugar -5 Spoon
6. Vanilla Essence – ½ Spoon
7. Raisins – 3 Spoon
8. Cashewnuts -3 Spoon

How to prepare

1. In a bowl add butter and sugar and mix it nicely. To it add vanilla essence.
2. Take milk in a pan and heat it. When it is warm enough add chocolate and mix it.
3. Add the chocolate mixture to the butter sugar mixture and to it add biscuits (crushed slightly) and mix firmly.
4. Now to it add the raisins and cashewnuts and mix them.
5. Now in a clean plastic cover wrap the mixture and seal it nicely in a rectangular shape.
6. Then keep the sealed mixture in a refrigerator for atleast 2 hours and freeze it well.
7. At last remove the cake from wrap and nicely cut into pieces.
8. The chocolate biscuit cake is ready to serve and serve it as a tea time snacks.

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