Ginger curry is a common south Indian dish prepared in festivals and receptions. It is a tasty and healthy recipe also known as Puli-inji, which plays an important role in Kerala Sadya. Start serving with ginger curry and finish eating ginger curry in sadya is Kerala style of finishing our sadya.


1) Ginger (nicely chopped) – 1 large piece
2) Green Chilly (nicely chopped) – 5 nos.
3) Tamarind (black) – 250 g
4) Cane sugar(jaggery) – 400 gm
5) Oil – 2 teaspoon
6) Mustard -1 teaspoon
7) Fenugreek -1 teaspoon
8) Red chilly – 3 nos.
9) Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
10) Salt – As needed
11) Water – 1 cup

1) Make tamarind juice by soaking tamarind in a cup of fresh water and remove its seed and remaining.
curry leaves.
3) When it splutters add Ginger and Green chilly, sauté for a minute.
4) Add the tamarind juice, salt and Jaggery and boil.
5) Cook this until reducing and become a thick semi solid ginger curry and remove from fire.
6) Garnish it with curry leaves and serve.
Tasty, healthy and long lasting Ginger curry is ready.

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