Kadachakka Theeyal / Breadfruit Cubes

Breadfruit cubes is a tasty south Indian recipes.  Breadfruit is growing throughout Southeast Asia, South India. In Malayalam it is called “Kadachakka”. 

Lets try how to cook Breadfruit Cubes:

Ingredients Set I

1. Breadfruit – 1 Nos

2. Coconut Milk – 1 Glass

3. Salt to taste

Set II

1. Mustart – Half Spoon

2. Black Gram – Half Spoon (Without Black skin)

3. Dry Chilli – 3 Nos

4. Curry Leaves – 1

5. Oil – 3 Spoon


How to Prepare

1. Combine the 1,2,3 items in Set I and cook it well. Slightly check with spoon as it cooked or not, but do not shake it roughly because we want Breadfruit in cubic shape. After 20 mins / cook remove from fire. Now it looks like white, creamy Breadfruit mix.

2. Set a pan on fine, then flow Set II items, 5 then add 1 to 4 items .  Fry this and it used for the garnish of early Kadachakka(Bredfruit) mix (just flow above it and close the dish).

Healthy and tasty Kadachakka Teeyal is one of the tasty dish in South India



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