Kerala Aviyal

Kerala Aviyal from South Indian Recipes

It is one of the major South Indian Recipes especially in Kerala, mainly prepared for Sadya / receptions. Aviyal is a delicious preparation made with mixing different vegetables, coconut and seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. You can use almost all vegetables for aviyal preparation. If you have not enough vegetables to prepare a single dish then you can mix all the available vegetables and prepare the tasty dish for your lunch or dinner. Also it is very easy to prepare and is rich with nutrients.


(I used the following vegetables for aviyal preparation, you can either add more or if you don’t have this much varieties don’t worry you can make with the available ones you have.)

1. Beans – 10 Nos
2. Carrot – 1-2 Nos
3. Potato – 3-4 Nos
4. Elephant foot yam (Chena) – ½ Cup
5. Ash gourd -1/2 cup
6. Cucumber – 1/2 cup
7. Drumstick (muringakka) -1 Nos
8. Raw plantain (vazhayka) -1 Nos
9. Kovayka – 3-4 Nos
10. Snake Ground (Padavalanga) – ¼ Cup
11. Small Onion – 10-15 Nos
12. Grated coconut -1 Cup
13. Cumin seeds/Jeera -1/2 spoon
14. Turmeric powder- ¼ spoon
15. Tamarind extract -3-4 spoon
16. Green chilli- 5-6 Nos
17. Coconut oil -2 Spoon
18. Curry leaves – a few strands

How to prepare

1. Peel the skin and cut the vegetables into long pieces of 2 inch size.(For aviyal the vegetables are cut length wise having a medium thickness.)
2. Grind the coconut, 3-4 green chilies, cumin seeds, small onion and turmeric so that it is just crushed and keeps it aside.
3. Add the remaining green chilies along with the vegetables.
4. Now take a pan and put the vegetables from 1-10 add a little water for about ¼ cup and cook it. Remember each vegetables need different time for cooking, so check the vegetables for each 5 minutes.
5. When the vegetables are almost cooked add the coarsely ground coconut mixture, curry leaves, salt and the tamarind extract and mix it well. (You can use raw mangoes or yogurt(curd) instead of the tamarind extract based on the sour you need.)
6. When it is cooked well, turn off the flame and season it with coconut oil and mix it well.
7. Tasty aviyal is ready to serve you can have it rice or chapatti.

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