Koorka (Chinese Potato) Thoran

Koorka or Chinese Potato Thoran is a healthy South Indian Vegetarian Recipes and is very easy to prepare also. We often make Koorka upperi, but this new method does not require much oil so is a very healthy recipe. Try this new recipe and I am sure you all will love this.


1. Koorka(Chinese Potato)- 1 Cup
2. Turmeric powder – ¼ Spoon
3. Onion(chopped) – ½ Cup
4. Mustard Seeds – 1 Spoon
5. Red Chillies – 2-3 Nos
6. Curry Leaf – 1 Spring
7. Coconut oil – 2-3 Spoon
8. Grated coconut – 3-4 Spoon
9. Salt to taste

How to Prepare

1. Peel off the koorka (Chinese Potato) and cook them in a deep bottomed pan having water just to cover the koorka.

2. In another pan heat oil and add the mustard seeds and once it crackles add the chopped onion, red chilles and curry leaves and sauté it, till translucent.

3. Now add the cooked koorka into it, draining all water and mix it well. Sauté for about 3 minutes. Then add the grated coconut and salt mix it.

4. Tasty and healthy Kooraka Thoran is ready to serve you can have it with rice or chapatti as side dish.

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