Kozhukkatta is popluar, traditional South Indian Recipes. Such a tasty dish is cooking with very few ingredients.


1. Grated Coconut – 1 Cup
2. Grated Jaggery/ Sugar – 1/2 Cup
3. Cardamom – 4 Nos
4. Rice Flour – 1 Cup
5. Ghee – 2 Spoon
6. Water – 1 glass
7. Salt to taste

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How to prepare

1. A pan set on the fire and mix Grated Coconut and Sugar or Jaggery till it become golden color, then add cardomom powder then remove from fire and close lid.

2. Another pan, boil the water and add salt to taste, let it boil well.

3. Add 1 spoon Ghee.

4. Add the Rice Flour in the boiling water and stop the flame then mix Flour with hard handle of spoon.

5. This mix will be very hot, let it medium cool, later we want to mix it with hand like we make for Chappati.

6. Now make it like small balls and simply flat it inside the palm as like the small rotti shape.

7. Now take a spoon of early mix (Coconut and Jaggery/Sugar) fill above the rice rotti and curl the rice from bottom to top like ball shape.
8. Cook it in steam and ready to serve.

You also can serve it with Coconut Milk.

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