Kumbilappam Recipe

Hi everyone let us try a variety dish today using Jackfruit/Chaka. We know this is the season of Jackfruit and it is so easy to get Jackfruit (Chaka) anywhere in Kerala. It is a South Indian recipe, which shows the unique taste and flavor of God’s Own Country, Kerala.

Kumbilappam also known as Chaka Kumbilappam or Theraliappamis one of the Best Recipes which is a delicious sweet snack that is made with ripened jackfruit (Chakapazham). Rice flour, Jack fruit bulbs, coconut and jiggery if needed are mixed together and then wrapped in fresh green Vazhanayila or Edanaila(Similar to bay leaves) shaped in the cones(Kumbil) and is steam cooked. You will get delicious Kumbilappam with cinnamon fragrance and jackfruit flavor and the one who ever taste will never forget the great taste and flavor of the appam.


1. Ripe Jackfruit bulbs – 1 cup
2. Rice flour – 1 cup
3. Jaggery (if needed) – ½ cup or according to the sweetness of the jackfruit bulb and your sweet requirement.
4. Grated coconut – ½ Cup
5. Rice flour(Roasted) – 1 Cup
6. Cumin powder – ¼ Spoon
7. Cardamom powder – ½ Spoon
8. Edanayila/ Vazhanayila – As required to make the Kumbils

How to Prepare

1. In a blender add the Jackfruit bulbs and crush it to a fine paste and transfer it to a bowl.

2. Now add ¾ cup of rice flour, grated coconut, Cumin powder, and cardamom powder and mix it well.

3. Check the sweetness and add jaggery according to the sweetness you want. You can skip adding the jaggery if you don’t want more sweetness.

4. Mix all the contents well, make sure that you mix everything to make a smooth dough. It should not be too thick or too loose. Add the remaining rice flour little by little if the dough is so loose so as to make it tight.

5. Now take the vazhanayila/edanayila and make it in the shape of a cone(kumbil), leave the upper edge of cone(kumbil) to close after filling the cone(kumbil).

6. Now fill the cone using the dough based on the size of the kumbil(cone) and close it using the upper edge.

7. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining dough.

8. Now steam cook the kumbils for about 30 to 40 minutes.

9. Delicious kumbilappam is ready to serve. It can be served both hot or cold.

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