Rava Kichadi

Rava kichadi is one of the delicious and simple breakfast recipes of south India. Try our new recipe and I am sure that you will like this a lot.


Rava – 1 cup
Beans (finely chopped) – ½ cup
Carrot (finely chopped) – ½ cup
Onion – 1 No
Tomato – 1 No
Green peas – ¼ cup
Green Chilly – 2 Nos
Salt – As required
Mustard seeds – 1 spoon
Cooking oil – 1 spoon
Channa dal (parippu) – 1 spoon
Curry leaves – 1 spring
Boiled water – 4 cups
Turmeric powder – ¼ spoons

How to prepare

1. Heat a pan and fry the rava until it raw smell goes and keep it aside.
2. In the pan pour some oil and splutter the mustard seeds, to its add the channa dal (parippu) along with green chilies and curry leaves and fry it.
3. Now add the finely chopped onions and fry until it becomes golden brown color
4. When it is saluted well add the chopped tomatoes and fry for about 3-5 minutes.
5. To it add the chopped beans, carrot and green peas along with salt and turmeric powder, mix them well and keep it in low flame for about 5 minutes and half cook the vegetables.
6. Now add the rava which is roasted earlier and mix well. Now pour the boiled water to the rava and vegetable mix. Stir well while add the adding and make sure that there is no lumps found.
7. Keep the flame low and add the boiled water to the rava and vegetables and stir well to avoid lumps. And cover the pan using a lid for about 5 minutes so the vegetables and rava cooked well.
8. Once it is cooked switch off the flame, and the delicious rava kichadi is ready and you can have it for breakfast along with chutney or sambar as you prefer.

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