Vattayappam is a form of steamed rice cake in round shape known for its softness and unique taste and sweetness. This is one of most popular recipe among the Christian community in Kerala and is a healthy snack which can be made without the use of oil.


1. White Rice – 1 Cup
2. Cooked Rice – ¼ Cup
3. Grated coconut – ¼ Cup
4. Sugar – ½ Cup
5. Cashewnuts- 10 Nos
6. Raisins- 3-4 spoon
7. Salt- One Pinch
8. Coconut Water- 1 Glass
9. Yeast – ½ Spoon
10. Cardamom Seeds – 3-4 Nos
11. Cumin – ¼ spoon

How to prepare

1. Soak the white rice for at least 4 hours. Grind it along with cooked rice to make a smooth batter, make sure the batter must be thick.

2. Add yeast, salt into it and mix it well.

3. Transfer the batter to a bowl and keep it overnight for fermentation.

4. Now grind the grated coconut, cardamom, and cumin and add it into the fermented batter along with sugar and stir it well so as to get it mixed well.

5. Keep the batter for 30 minutes and Pour the batter to a flat bottom round pan which is greased with oil.

6. Half fill the pan and garnish it with cashewnuts and raisins.

7. Steam it for 20 – 25 minutes. Delicious and healthy vattayappam is ready to serve.

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